BEST – The Social Security Benefit Eligibility Screening Tool

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2015 | Social Security Disability

There is an interesting tool available at the official Social Security website,

Once on the website go to “online services” and then go to “Find out if you Qualify for Benefits.” Then complete the Benefit Eligibility Screening Tool or “BEST” to see if you are eligible for any type of Social Security benefit.

Generally, people know if they are old enough for retirement (middle option usually the best) or if they are disabled and need to apply for disability benefits, but what about less common benefits that involve deceased parents or former spouses. Why not give it a shot? It does not apply for benefits or even require you to provide your SSN. It only takes a few minutes and could be very beneficial if you happen to qualify for something.

Remember when conducting any Social Security related business online make sure you are on the official government site,

Another suggestion, while at set up your own Social Security account. It’s also easy to do, and allows you to make sure your yearly earnings are being properly recorded by the administration, and informs you as to what you can expect to receive if disabled or retired.