Long Term Disability (ERISA) how to avoid the trap

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2018 | Long-Term Disability/ERISA

Long term disability insurance is an insurance product usually purchased through one’s employer. It provides an income stream in the event of disability. It usually starts before social security disability (SSDI) begins (totally different public benefit) and supplements the SSDI payments after SSDI begins.

Here is the tricky part. If denied by the long term carrier, you must follow the deadlines for administrative appeal. Usually, there are two appeals available with 180 day deadlines following each separate denial. You must meet the deadlines, and most importantly you must provide all relevant evidence regarding your medical problem. If you just send a couple of letters explaining why you can’t work and exhaust both appeals the letters will be all the evidence you can ever use, even in court.

The evidence in your case is locked at the end of the administrative appeal process, and cannot be added to.

At Daniel A. Webb P.A. we help build the file with evidence before the appeals are exhausted. Generally, speaking our case is complete before we file a lawsuit for court review. Let us help you build your case. The expertise is knowing what the court and the insurance carrier consider compelling evidence.

Call us early so we have time.