Making a Claim for Workers’ Compensation

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Too many valid workers’ compensation claims get off on the wrong foot and some are completely ruined by a failure to make the claim immediately after a work related injury.

An injured worker must report the claim to his or her supervisor immediately. Most people know that, but what if the supervisor blows it off or the claim loses steam along the chain of command to the correct desk?

Injured workers must be persistent. A written report of injury should be made to document time, place and nature of the injury. If an injured worker has not received a claim number and a contact person with the employer’s workers’ compensation carrier within a week of the injury something is wrong.

If the run around persists, an injured worker can file a c-form and get the claim to the insurance carrier on his or her own.

The longer a claim goes unreported to the insurance carrier, the more the carrier will doubt the claim. Worker’s Compensation claims are like all insurance claims. Nobody would wait a month to turn in a claim to a car insurance company after a wreck.

Get the claim filed and get a claim number. Once that is done, the claim can proceed and medical care can be provided.

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