Common injuries in the nursing profession

On Behalf of | May 25, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

We generally think of nurses in terms of treating injuries rather than suffering from them. Nurses dedicate their lives to helping other people. Nonetheless, there are numerous hazards in the nursing profession.

How are nurses injured on the job and what are their legal options in terms of pursuing compensation?

Violent patients

The overwhelming majority of patients are grateful for the hard work of nurses and the treatment they provide. Unfortunately, there is a small minority who are not so appreciative. People can be prone to violence, particularly when they are intoxicated or vulnerable in terms of their mental health. Nurses treat people in such conditions every day. Violence in itself is unpredictable and if a nurse is caught off guard, they could be subjected to an attack and injured during the process.

Slips, trips and falls

Hospitals can be hectic environments, with people coming and going all of the time and staff rushing to tend to emergency situations. This exposes nurses to the risk of slips and falls. It only takes one obstruction or spill for a floor to become dangerous, and if a nurse runs into this during the course of their duties, they could suffer a nasty injury.

While nurses spend most of their time tending to others, it is important that their workplaces offer them a safe space to carry out their job. If you’ve been injured on duty as a nurse, then you may have a legitimate claim for workers’ compensation. Getting in touch with someone who has experience in this field will help you to obtain some form of justice.