Even small mistakes can wreck your workers’ compensation claim

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2022 | Firm News

The workers’ compensation system helps ensure that employees injured while working do not suffer additional hardships. A successful claim gives you access to medical care, wage replacement and other benefits until you are fit enough to resume your duties.

The claims process is fairly straightforward, but mistakes can happen if you aren’t careful. If this is your first trip through the system, learning about the most common filing errors can help your claim succeed.

Not reporting the incident immediately

Whether you need to file a claim or not, you must report the work injury to your employer right after the incident occurs. If it turns out your harm is worse than you initially thought, you can then file a claim.

Not filing within the required period

Under Arkansas law, you may have up to two years to file your workers’ compensation claim. However, in some cases, you must file within one year. Speak with your employer about how long you have (based on your situation) to file the claim.

Not seeking medical treatment

You might feel like a couple of days off is all you need to recover, but you must have a medical record of your injury and the prescribed treatments. Always see a doctor after a workplace injury and follow their instructions completely. You must also attend all follow-up medical appointments.

Not seeing the right doctor

You probably prefer to see your family physician after being injured at work, but you must see the doctor chosen by either your employer or their insurance carrier. If you visit your own health care provider instead, your claim may be denied.

Education is the key to a successful workers’ compensation claim. Since each state has laws governing your benefits, consider learning more about the workers’ comp regulations specific to Arkansas.