Why would the SSA deny you Social Security Disability?

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2022 | Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits offer a financial lifeline to millions of disabled Americans. While some of these applications get approved, a significant number end in rejection. If the SSA turns down your application, you need to know what went wrong, so you make appropriate amendments during your appeal.

Depending on your case, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will cite a variety of reasons for denying your claim. If you are applying for SSD benefits, it helps to be aware of the reasons why the SSA might deny your claim.

Here are three common reasons why SSD claims are denied.

You are earning more

The SSA does not set a limit on unearned income or assets when applying for SSD benefits. However, you may not qualify for the benefits if your income exceeds a certain limit. To be eligible for SSD benefits, your monthly income must not exceed $1,767. In addition, your assets must not be worth more than $2,000. The SSA will decline your application if you do not meet these income guidelines.

Your medical evidence is insufficient

Medical evidence is one of the most important components of your SSD application. During your SSA application or appeal, it is vital that you provide all the relevant medical records pertaining to your disability. These medical records must not only be related to your injury, but they must also show that the injury in question is preventing you from working.

Failure to follow a treatment plan

If you are ill, chances are your doctor will prescribe a treatment plan. Failure to follow through with your doctor’s treatment plan can lead to your application’s denial. The reason is that your examiner will not be able to determine whether your condition is actually preventing you from working or not.

Social Security Disability benefits can provide much-needed financial relief when you are no longer able to work. Find out how you can avoid mistakes that can lead to your SSD claim’s denial.