Hire Local Attorney for Social Security

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2014 | Social Security Disability

As an advocate for Social Security claimants in Little Rock I have noticed a recent development that alarms me. Recently, a new client indicated that he had provided information on the internet thinking he was dealing exclusively with the Social Security Administration. Instead it turned out that he had hired an out of state firm to handle his claim. He was baffled and unsure how all this had happened, and I felt badly for him.

When filing a claim online people should be careful and know exactly who they are providing information to. The Social Security Administration is run by the United States government and generally government websites end with a .gov. I suggest dealing with the government directly unless your claim is denied.

If denied, I suggest hiring a local attorney who is licensed and practices in the area where your claim is pending. You can visit personally with your local attorney to prepare your case in a face to face environment. I would feel more comfortable meeting my attorney and knowing exactly where he or she works and how to reach them efficiently to provide new evidence and updates on my case.