SSD claims and your online activity

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2024 | Social Security Disability

Whether it’s Instagram, TikTok or Facebook, most people today are on one or more social media sites. But it is always possible that those responsible for awarding your benefits could also be watching your activity levels on your favorite sites.

The former president and presumptive presidential nominee of the Republican party proposed using social media as a tool to detect fraud on the part of those applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. While there does not appear to be a similar policy in place in the current White House administration, it is quite possible that one could be implemented after the 2024 election is held.

Why this is problematic

Due to the nature of social media hype, everyone naturally likes to paint themselves in the most favorable light possible. Whether that means taking 20 “selfies” before finding one that passes muster to post online or resurrecting old pre-injury photos, SSD claimants should be mindful of what they are sharing online.

Sometimes, it can be what others share

It might not even be your posting that triggers a second look by those who adjudicate SSD cases. Someone could snap a photo of you and tag you, leaving a searchable image to be used against you in the social media database.

One way to prevent this on sites like Facebook is to use the strictest setting possible re photo sharing so you must approve each photo before it appears as a tag on your page. This won’t prevent the original poster from sharing it, however.

Not all images reflect reality

With Photoshop and the photo-editing software that already comes uploaded to most Android and iPhones, it is fairly simple to make edits that erase from your timeline the dark circles under your eyes caused by sleepless, pain-filled nights. Instead, you can tweak your photos to make it look like a glam shot of a night on the town.

But is that really the image you want to portray online? If you have any doubts about posting, learning more about how social media can be used against you can be quite prudent.