4 professions with high workplace risks

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

Many employees have access to workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation helps provide benefits to employees who are injured or afflicted with an illness while working. These benefits can give employees medical coverage and lost wage payments. 

There are very few jobs with no risk of injuries or illnesses. Here are a few professions with the highest risk of injury that may cause employees to file for workers’ compensation benefits: 

Construction workers

Possibly one of the most physically taxing and dangerous jobs is construction work. Many construction workers use heavy machinery and power tools in high places. While employees are often trained to use this equipment and practice safety on the job, accidents can still happen, which can result in an employee filing a workers’ comp claim.

Healthcare workers

Healthcare workers are essential in providing care to communities. However, the job is very stressful. Many employees work long, taxing hours while being exposed to illnesses and death. This can lead to healthcare workers seeking workers’ comp benefits for their physical and mental health. 


Warehouse workers provide a lot of support to the economy. Their duties include moving large shipments for transport. The job can lead to many physical injuries and disabilities, especially when workers strain themselves during the job. Workers also often need to use forklifts to complete their jobs. But, forklifts can lead to vehicle accidents and puncture wounds when put in the wrong hands.

Truck drivers

Like warehouse workers, truckers also help maintain the economy by shipping essential supplies across the country. However, truckers often have to spend many hours on the road with little sleep to meet deadlines. This can also cause workers to not care for their needs, such as eating healthy meals and maintaining their bodies to protect themselves from diseases and mental illnesses. 

Knowing what to do after a workplace injury could help you get the compensation you need. You may need to reach out for legal help to learn how to make a workers’ compensation claim.